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    AHA and HRET addresses the determinants of health to improve community health. Learn more.

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    AHA and HRET Community Health Initiatives highlights work in community health. Learn more.

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    HRET Selects Diane E. Meier as 2017 TRUST Award Recipient. Learn more.

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    HRET releases Driving Impact in 2016. Learn more.

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    Take the Pledge to Act to Eliminate Health Care Disparities. Universal and rapid progress in ensuring that every patient receives the highest quality of care is essential to our efforts to meet the changing needs of our communities. Learn more.

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  • Food Insecurity and the Role of Hospitals

    This guide from the American Hospital and Health Research & Educational Trust is the first in a series of forthcoming resources about addressing the determinants of health to improve community health.

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  • The Imperative to Strategic Workforce Planning and Development: Challenges and Opportunities

    This report examines workforce challenges: Rural Health, Behavior Health, Education Pipeline, Technology, Community Partnership, Regulatory and Policy Constraints, Leadership, Work Environment, Diversity and Role of Human Resources.

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  • Next Generation of Community Health

    This report explores what the next generation of community health may look like as hospitals redefine themselves to keep pace with the changing health care landscape.

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  • Food Insecurity and the Role of Hospitals - Webinars July 6, 2017 | 12PM (CDT)

    The American Hospital Association invites you to attend a webinar that is an extension of an upcoming guide “Determinants of Health Series: Food Insecurity and the Role of Hospitals”; featuring innovative practices Arkansas Children’s Hospital and ProMedica have implemented to identify and reduce the prevalence of food insecurity in the communities they serve.

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  • HRET Selects Diane E. Meier as 2017 TRUST Award Recipient

    Dr. Meier is the director of the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), a national organization devoted to increasing the number and quality of palliative care programs in the United States.

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  • Preventing Physician Burnout - What Hospital Leaders Can Do to Make a Difference

    Paul DeChant, MD, MBA with Simpler, an IBM Watson Health company will discuss physician burnout, including its manifestations, causes, and impacts. He and co-presenter, Diane Shannon, MD, MPH will describe the crucial role of hospital leaders and what they can do to reduce the drivers of burnout and return joy to patient care in their institutions.

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