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Management research to provide operational advice on improving quality, reducing costs and eliminating disparities.

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Striving for Top Box: Hospitals Increasing Quality and Efficiency

striving for top box: hospitals increasing quality and efficiency

Striving for Top Box: Hospitals Increasing Quality and Efficiency is part of the HPOE Signature Leadership Series, created to share best practices and key lessons from innovative organizations on a variety of topics including care coordination, health and wellness, equity of care, and new payment and care delivery models.

Striving for Top Box showcases three organizations working towards improving both quality and efficiency: Novant Health in North Carolina, Piedmont Health in Georgia, and Banner Health in Arizona. During site visits to these organizations, we conducted interviews with key leaders who provided us with a variety of strategies they are implementing to meet their Top Box goals. This guide summarizes our discussions with each organization and provides a series of cultural characteristics, key strategies and successful practices common across each of these health systems that any organization can consider implementing.

Overall, Top Box organizations are implementing strategies to improve both efficiency and quality of care by:

  1. Standardizing processes
  2. Increasing IT infrastructure and data reporting
  3. Reducing variation in cost
  4. Creating accountability for performance improvement
  5. Identifying and implementing best practices across the organization
  6. Engaging clinicians and physicians

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