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Employer Health Benefits Annual Survey

2014 Survey Report

2014 Press Release

Summary of Findings

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Employer-sponsored insurance is the leading source of health insurance, covering about 149 million non-elderly people in America. To provide current information about the nature of employer-sponsored health benefits, the Kaiser Family Foundation (Kaiser) and the Health Research & Educational Trust conduct an annual national survey of non-federal private and public employers with three or more workers. This is the 14th Kaiser/HRET survey and reflects health benefit information for 2013.

Findings from the 2013 survey, conducted from January through May 2013, highlight changes in the mean costs of both individual and family coverage plans incurred by covered workers.. In 2013, premiums for family health coverage increased 5 percent from last year and premiums for family coverage have increased by 4 percent In real terms, the average employee contribution for a family coverage plan has increased from $2,412 in 2003 to $4,565 in 2013. Employer contributions have increased even more steeply, from $6,657 in 2003 to $11,786 in 2013. Still, the percentage of firms that offer health benefits to at least some employees and the percentage of workers covered under such plans remain statistically unchanged from 2012.

Maulik Joshi, HRET president and senior vice president for research at the AHA, commented that “these findings are positive and reflect a general slowing in health care costs overall Dr. Joshi went on to add that ““as we work to improve health care, making sure it remains affordable to Americans is critically important to ensure greatest access by all.” The 2013 annual survey included 2,948 responses from individual firms- 2,067 of which responded to the full survey and 881 of which responded to a single question about offering coverage.”

Funding: Kaiser Family Foundation

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