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Transforming health care
through research and education

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HRET Mission

Transforming health care through research and education.

HRET Vision

Leveraging research and education to create a society of healthy communities, where all individuals reach their highest potential for health.

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Career Opportunities

Position: Senior Program Manager
Requisition Number: 14-0072
Date Posted: 07/15/2014

The purpose of this position you will be responsible for acting in a Senior Project Manager’s capacity and will be responsible for providing leadership for clinical quality improvement initiatives. You will be developing and implementing operational project’s strategic, financial, and compliance goals. You will be leading and overseeing communication of sponsors or hospital leaders, coordinating with external project partners, and working with their supervisor to plan, implement, and achieve all their projects’ goals and requirements. Details>>

Position: Senior Program Manager
Requisition Number: 14-0070
Date Posted: 07/15/2014

The purpose of this position is to be responsible for leading one or more funded improvement initiatives. The Senior Program Manager develops and implements operational project plans and oversees the work in order to execute and achieve the overall strategic initiative. The Sr. Program Manager will coordinate with internal and external content experts, recruit and guide participating organizations such as hospitals or health systems, and help to assure that strategic and financial objectives for the program are achieved. Details>>

Position: Data Analyst
Requisition Number: 14-0071
Date Posted: 07/09/2014

The purpose of this position is to be responsible for participating in the full array of research activities at HRET, but will serve as an expert and advisor in the area of quantitative analysis. S/he will collaborate with research staff on multiple research projects covering all of HRET's research areas (e.g. quality, cost, disparities). Details>>

Position: Research Specialist
Requisition Number: 14-0035
Date Posted: 03/24/2014

The purpose of this position is to provide programmatic support for HRET projects and to plan and execute communication and research development activities. The Research Specialist will work with internal and external partners as well as with HRET research staff to accomplish projects and tasks. This position will be the liaison to project partners regarding logistical, administrative, and communication functions on certain projects and will work on multiple projects simultaneously. Details>>

Position: Program Manager
Requisition Number: 14-0028 
Date Posted: 03/12/2014

The purpose of this position is to responsbile for developing, updating, and implementing data project workplan for improvement initiative(s). You may contribute to high-level, strategic program planning as appropriate to define program objectives and determine the program delivery model that assures successful outcomes. Details>>

Position: Senior Researcher B
Requisition Number: 14-0026 
Date Posted: 03/12/2014

The purpose of this position is to help leverage and expand our research and evaluation practice and to provide leadership in our Chicago office. The Senior Researcher will be expected to develop and direct projects and manage a portfolio of research and development work on a range of issues. We seek a Senior Researcher who is able to develop and execute research strategy, mentor staff, lead multidisciplinary teams, partner across institutions, cultivate business opportunities, and provide research leadership in research development and project execution. This is a challenging, yet rewarding opportunity to make your contribution to an organization that is dedicated to helping individuals and communities achieve their highest health potential. Details>>

Position: Director Clinical Quality
Requisition Number: 14-0009 
Date Posted: 02/7/2014

The purpose of this position is to be responsible for implementing and executing a defined clinical and quality improvement intervention programs or project and supporting defined internal improvement or business development efforts. This position will provide content leadership for projects requiring clinical knowledge, provider organization operational expertise, and will support the application of quality improvement methodologies to complex organizational challenges. Details>>

Position: Clinical Content Development Lead
Requisition Number: 13-0086
Date Posted: 9/16/2013

The purpose of this position is to provide leadership for the development of content related to HRET initiatives focused on infection prevention and improved patient safety. HRET is responsible for developing toolkits that include both information on clinical activities related to the project's goals and to how culture can be transformed so the clinical changes can occur and be sustained. HRET also must facilitate in-person and web-based training to project participants related to the same issues. This position will lead efforts to develop, update, and evaluate the impact of these resources. Details>>

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